Current Projects

Know Your Picture Characters (Monday)

Think you know the secret to deciphering the meaning hidden in kanji characters?  Well, you don’t.  But it’s fun to guess anyway, and you might even learn something.  Mostly you will learn that Japanese is a very confusing language to read and write.

This Day in History (Tuesday)

Every week I produce a limerick honoring an important event in the story of our world.  NOTE: precise definition of “important” may vary from week to week.

Serial Story Time (Friday)

Okay, even I’m not totally sure where this is going.

Projects of Uncertain Status (On hiatus? Retired?)

Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words? (Monday)

A story of precisely one thousand words, set in or around an accompanying picture.  Follow the adventures of Abigail and Theodore (the two Americans lost and confused in a foreign land), Jon, Dave, and Jordan (the Odd Triple), or Jack and Matthew (the two Americans lost and confused in a foreign land . . . again.  But it’s a different foreign land this time!)

Brevity=Wit (Monday)

An experiment in abbreviating famous poems and speeches.  How would Shakespeare have fared in the age of texting?  Or Lincoln?  Find out.

Movie Two-Liners (Wednesday)

How well do you know your favorite movie?  Well enough to quote every line?  That’s not bad.  Well enough to recognize it from an intentionally misleading, two-sentence description?  Now that’s impressive.

The Jenoviad (Friday)

An epic poem retelling the story of the video game Final Fantasy VII.  This one’s pretty much just for the nerds.