The Jenoviad Entry #1

February 13th, 2009 by Wordsman

Air fills with gentle music
Sky fills with twinkling stars
This is not a tale you’ll hear
In schools, bookstores, or bars

The telling may take quite some time
So sit down, grab a beer
Though our story starts quite brightly
It will grow darker from here

Our story tells of loss
Both to come and come before
At times it is quite tragic
‘Tis the story of a war

No ordinary war is this
To win’s no piece of cake
Monstrous evil looms o’er all
And the planet is at stake

But do not fear, do not despair
Cling e’er to strands of hope
Our story has a hero
Though he sometimes is a dope

At saga’s start our hero
Has arrived in a great city
Of smokestacks, towers, metal plates
It is not very pretty

And now the music fades
Gives way to noise much more profane
For like many classic stories
This one starts upon a train

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