Movie Two-Liners Entry #3

February 25th, 2009 by Wordsman

And now, still in honor of last weekend’s Oscar ceremony, this week’s puzzle will be about a film that should have won Best Picture but didn’t:

Two friends interrupt a discussion of international cuisine and the difficulties of platonic heterosexual relationships to talk a little religion.  Then they change clothes, wash their car, eat breakfast, and shortly afterward part ways forever.

Last week’s puzzle:

An ancient kingdom goes to war with its natural resource-poor neighbor over a dispute over some uninhabited land.  The kingdom’s assault force makes it to the other nation’s border, but its advance comes to a halt as two secret agents sabotage the most powerful weapon they had.

And the answer is . . . ▼

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  1. A Fan Says:

    “Because of the metric system?”

    “Check out the big brain on Bret!”

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