The Jenoviad Entry #4

March 6th, 2009 by Wordsman

“Set the bomb!” said Barret
“AVALANCHE will soon rejoice!”
And Cloud ignored the warning
Of a mysterious voice

The sirens blared, the red lights flashed
Guards, the ex-SOLDIER thought
He ne’er would have expected
A huge scorpion robot

“The hell is that?” cried Barret
As he readied his arm gun
“The boss,” said Cloud, his eyes a-roll
“You thought that we were done?”

Rapidly, the scorpion struck
With rifle and with tail
Cloud swung sword and Barret hit
With bullets, quite a hail

Suddenly the tail went up
And Cloud told Barret “Wait
If you shoot at it right now
You’ll surely seal our fate”

But Barret still did not trust Cloud
“I been in fights befo’”
And after they got blasted
Cloud just said, “I told you so”

The two bombers rose up again
They’d e’er refuse to waver
Said Barret, “I’m the Big Shot here”
But Cloud, he proved the Braver

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