The Jenoviad Entry #5

March 13th, 2009 by Wordsman

The scorpion shook, the men had won
They danced, they cried “Woo hoo!”
And then they saw ten minutes left
Until the whole place blew

They raced back up the ladders
While the seconds ticked away
And as they were about to leave
A plaintive voice said, “Stay”

Cloud turned around, and then he saw
‘Twas Jessie; she was stuck
He grumbled as he ran back
And he said, “Of all the luck . . .”

With Jessie free the band took off
It was down to the wire
They got out in the nick of time
Sky filled with mushroom fire

“Good job,” conceded Barret
His broad face filled with elation
“Now split up!  Don’t let none suspect
And meet back at the station”

Cloud tried in vain to stop them
All he wanted was his pay
Then he reluctantly went toward
The nearest alleyway

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