The Jenoviad Entry #6

March 20th, 2009 by Wordsman

People running, screaming, flailing
Midgar’s streets were all a-whirl
Cloud cut through the crowds quite deftly
‘Fore he ran into a girl

“What are you doing out?” she asked
“At this most dang’rous hour?
Reactor blown, the guards in force
And would you like a flower?”

Cloud had a pollen allergy
And guards ran to and fro
But this girl was quite the looker
So he couldn’t just say no

He took the flow’r, and Cloud checked out
His beauty, toe to head
He wanted to stare longer
But the guards wanted him dead

“I’ve gotta run!” Cloud told the girl
“And you should really hide
There’s, um, leaks from that explosion
You should prob’ly stay inside”

Before the girl could say a thing
Cloud bolted at great rate
He never stopped to wonder
If the meeting had been fate

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