The Jenoviad Entry #7

March 27th, 2009 by Wordsman

At this point, Cloud, our hero
He was feeling pretty good
But then he ran into the guards
He should have knocked on wood

He tried to run, but he was trapped
In every last direction
Cloud really wished he knew the streets
Of Midgar’s upper section

“Did you know I was in SOLDIER?”
Asked our hero, sword a-glisten
He knew it would not be his fault
If they chose not to listen

“Sure,” scoffed one guard, “You’re so great
You look just like a bum
Let’s have an old-school street fight
At you, sir, I bite my thumb!”

Afterward, the guards were strewn
Throughout the alleyways
But Shinra had a jillion more
Could keep this up for days

Now ‘twas time for Cloud to say
“Let’s blow this pops’cle stand!”
Before he jumped, no one could know
That on a train he’d land

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