The Jenoviad Entry #8

April 3rd, 2009 by Wordsman

In the car, gloom settled
Like a suffocating shroud
AVALANCHE, well, some of them,
Well, one worried ‘bout Cloud

“Maybe he got captured”
Said young Jessie, quite on edge
“Maybe he just ditched us”
Said the realistic Wedge

Then suddenly, with just a knock
Cloud from above descended
He, with a grin, said, “I’ve arrived
Your waiting now has ended”

Jessie cheered “Hurrah!  Hurrah!”
Then stopped, for fear of swooning
But there were some who thought Cloud’s show
Just overblown buffooning

“The hell was that for?” Barret yelled
“Are you effin’ insane?
Don’t you know the normal way
To get onto a train?

“Just get a seat!” he ordered
As he stormed off in a huff
“Don’t worry,” Jessie said to Cloud
“He’s really not that tough”

“Come on, Cloud,” said Jessie
As she seized the group’s new star
Leaving Biggs to wonder why
They had been in the cargo car

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