The Jenoviad Entry #9

April 10th, 2009 by Wordsman

The pack’ed train was silent
Speak up?  No one would dare it
Especially after they saw
The raging form of Barret

So all the passengers ignored
This group of terr’rist pigs
Even AVALANCHE ignored
The useless Wedge and Biggs

“Look here, Cloud,” said Jessie
When of cars they’d reached the third
Cloud saw the screen and thought, “Oh great
I saved some giant nerd”

“This map shows Midgar,” Jessie said
“The sectors, one through eight
And all the pillars that support
The giant upper plate

“This is the path the train will take
As down from plate it goes”
Cloud looked out and just said, “Man
This lower city blows”

“Shut your mouth!” big Barret yelled
“The hell you think you know?
The people only stay here cuz
They’ve got no place to go

“All o’ this is Shinra’s fault!”
The big man went off ranting
“Yeah!” cried Jessie, eyes a-spark
Cloud’s praise she started chanting

“Really!” said Cloud “It’s okay
No need to laud my feats, uhh . . .”
Toward the window, Barret said
“I hate this effin’ pizza”

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