The Jenoviad Entry #10

April 17th, 2009 by Wordsman

Eventu’lly the train got to
The slums of Sector 7
“Guys!” said Biggs, “Let’s hit the bar!
Its name is 7th Heaven”

Cloud would not be bossed around
From orders he was free
And so he wandered ‘round the town
But found not much to see

Cloud gave up quick, rejoined the group
Went to the liquor vendor
Regretted waiting when he saw
The smokin’ hot bartender

It must have been Cloud’s lucky day
He met sylph after sylph
And then a little girl ran by
Cloud thought, “Is she a MILF?”

As it turned out, she was not
The girl with Barret went
When they left, Cloud could contemplate
This beauty, heaven-sent

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