The Jenoviad Entry #11

April 24th, 2009 by Wordsman

Cloud could not keep his eyes off
That white t-shirt, stretch’ed tight
Somewhere above, a voice said, “Cloud
You do recall me, right?”

“Well yeah, of course,” the blond man said
And this was . . . mostly true
“Tifa, how could I forget
A girl who looks like you?”

This response was not quite right
As Tifa’s face turned dour
Thinking quick, Cloud found his bag
Produced the single flower

“Oh, this is lovely!” Tifa cried
“My favorite color, blue”
Cloud lied, and said, “When purchasing
I thought of only you”

Cloud felt that things were going well
He’d get a kiss, or more
But then the shout of “Where’s that bum?”
Came from beneath the floor

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