Movie Two-Liners Entry #12

April 29th, 2009 by Wordsman

This week’s puzzle:

The new guy screws up his first job and experiences trouble at the airport, heart trouble, and car trouble on the next.  He offers to resign but changes his mind because of money troubles.

Last week’s puzzle:

A building is almost closed because of issues involving the plumbing.  Of the three who set out to fix things, one loses his mind, one is relieved of a long-standing burden, and one meets the person who will become closer to him than anyone else in the world.

And the answer is . . . ▼

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3 Responses

  1. A Fan Says:

    This is a comment on #11. I still don’t get the the “relieved of a longstanding burden” reference.

    Also, in terms of the movie, Harry just meets Ginny Weasley. You don’t know she’s going to become closer to him than anyone else in the world unless you read Book 7.

  2. Dragon Says:

    Don’t know if this is what he was thinking or not, but Tom Riddle is pretty close to Harry as well.

  3. Wordsman Says:

    “Relieved of a long-standing burden” and “loses his mind” are actually two different takes on the same event. When I originally wrote the clue I was thinking more along Dragon’s lines, but the lack of gender pronouns leaves it up in the air. As for the comment (criticism?) from A Fan, the fact remains true whether or not it is shown in this particular movie. The connection is strongly hinted at in this movie and others from the same series, and I am confident that it will be expressly revealed in one to be released in the near future. Until then I suppose you will just have to rely on your knowledge of recent literary popular culture to get by.

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