The Jenoviad Entry #13

May 8th, 2009 by Wordsman

“Thanks but no thanks,” Cloud replied
“That doesn’t sound too great
And while we’re on the subject
Time to get a few things straight

“I don’t care about your cause
The planet?  Meh, whatever
Will Shinra kill the planet?  Sure
But it’ll take forever

“I’m in this for the money, friend
Mor’listically I roam
And if you just make fun of me
Screw you, I’m going home”

“Fine by me,” the big man said
“Don’t need your ugly mug
Since you love Shinra so damn much
Just go give them a hug”

As Cloud stormed out, Jess cried, “Wait!  Stop!”
Perhaps with thoughts of wooing
“Juss let’im go,” drunk Wedge advised
“Yup.  He know what he doing”

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