The Jenoviad Entry #14

May 15th, 2009 by Wordsman

Almost to the door was Cloud
The bridge all set to burn
When Tifa’s voice rang out with: “Wait!”
And forced the man to turn

“You can’t go, Cloud!” the girl exclaimed
“We need you really bad”
But working under Barret
Just made Cloud so effin’ mad

“I’d like to help you,” Cloud explained
“But this just ain’t my fight
Go find some noble hippie guy
He’ll get the job done right”

“I guess you did forget,” she said
“That promise that we made”
Cloud was intrigued; could this old promise
Help him to get laid?

“Refresh my mem’ry,” said suave Cloud
“I’d hate to have forgot
Though one thing you should know ‘bout me
Is I forget a

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