The Jenoviad Entry #16

May 29th, 2009 by Wordsman

“I’d never really thought ‘bout you
Nor given your name mention
I’ve sometimes wondered if leaving
Was a cry for attention”

This, in fact, was mostly true
But Cloud did not say so
“There’s naught to do in Nibelheim
I’d no choice but to go

“I planned to be a big hero
Like Sephiroth the great”
Because Cloud knew a hero
Could most always get a date

“Yes,” said Tifa, with a smile
“About that hero bit
The promise that you made that night
Do you remember it?”

Cloud nodded. “That I’d save you
If in dire straits you fell
Hmm . . . living here with Barret
I suppose could be called Hell”

“Very funny,” Tifa said
“But listen to my plea
I’m calling in the promise
Come on, hero. Rescue me”

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