Movie Two-Liners Entry #17

June 3rd, 2009 by Wordsman

This week’s puzzle:

A boy is in trouble because the girl he is going to the dance with is not his girlfriend. Luckily, he gets beaten up before things get too serious, and after he scares a crowd with his taste in music a man who is not his uncle helps him find his way home in the middle of a storm.

Last week’s puzzle:

Two rivals in love and in work have a showdown to settle things between them for good. The fitter man appears to win, but in the end he is defeated because of a thumb, a foot, and a chest.

And the answer is . . . ▼

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3 Responses

  1. A Fan Says:

    I finally got one!

  2. Pat Says:

    I get the foot and the chest, but where does the thumb come into play?

  3. Wordsman Says:

    Without the intervention of the thumb of a certain well-known actor, they never would have been able to play at all.

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