The Jenoviad Entry #17

June 5th, 2009 by Wordsman

“I’m no hero,” Cloud informed her
He knew well the age-old rule
If a hero calls himself so
Then that hero is a fool

“Plus the setting’s not quite right
You’re no damsel in distress
Nor are you some wacko hippie
Like those nuts, Ted, Riggs, and . . . Bess?

“I guess what I’m saying is
That I don’t think I see
How blowing up reactors
Fits your hero fantasy”

“No, it doesn’t,” Tifa said
“But I’ll ask anyway
The planet needs our help
And for your service we can pay”

“Fine,” said Cloud, as if
He had not planned to all along
Help a girl as hot as Tifa?
He’d have done it for a song

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