The Jenoviad Entry #18

June 12th, 2009 by Wordsman

Cloud wanted to celebrate
And no, not just with food
But from below came Barret
Whose face killed the party mood

“The hell are you still doing here?”
The angry man inquired
“I thought I told you your presence
Was no longer required”

“I’ll do your job tomorrow
But for twice the price this time”
Said Barret: “I may bomb buildings
But that, now, is a crime”

“We need the help,” Tifa implored
“That’s what you always say”
“But help from this guy?” Barret asked
“Ne’er thought I’d see the day”

“You need me, man,” Cloud said to him
“Just fork over the green”
Barret said, “Go take a hike!
That money’s for Marlene!”

“Enough!  Enough!” cried Tifa
“There’s no need for us to fight
Tomorrow is a big day
We should rest up for the night”

“Fine,” said Barret, as he left
Mutt’ring warnings of doom
“Night,” said Cloud, “And by the way
Which one is Tifa’s room?”

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