The Jenoviad Entry #19

June 19th, 2009 by Wordsman

Hours passed, the planet spun
And then a new day dawned
Dawn was not a part of day
Of which Cloud was real fond

The night had left Cloud from his bed
Most disinclined to leap
Wedge’s snores had not allowed
The chance to get much sleep

He could have slept in, skipped the job
He could endure the mocking
What he could not handle was
The thund’r of Barret’s knocking

“Get up, you bum!” the big man roared
“No time to lie in bed!
If you don’t come out right now
I’ll bust open your head!”

“What’s the fuss?” the blond man said
“No need to hurry there
It’s not like that reactor
Will get up and go somewhere”

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