The Jenoviad Entry #20

June 26th, 2009 by Wordsman

Barret mumbled, “Actu’lly
Got somethin’ to ask you
It’s ‘bout that stuff, Materia
Just what all does it do?”

“Seriously?”  Cloud groaned loud
His face had fallen flat
“Don’t tell me you did all of this
To wake me up for

“Materia’s this magic . . . stuff
Just one of our world’s quirks
It goes inside your weapons
But don’t ask me how that works

“Materia lets you cast spells
Like Fire, Comet, Toad
Sometimes new skills or better stats
Are upon you bestowed

“There you have it,” Cloud declared
“As easy as I said”
“Yeah right,” said Barret.  “All o’ that
Is way over my head”

“So give me your Materia
And live in ign’rant bliss”
Barret scoffed.  “I’m not so dumb
That I would fall for this”

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