The Jenoviad Entry #22

July 10th, 2009 by Wordsman

“Dude, just let her come,” said Cloud
‘Twas not hard to decide
Tifa versus Barret?
He would always pick her side

“Fine,” said Barret, standing up
“But I just got to say
If something happens to Marlene
I’ll blow you both away”

“Geez,” said Cloud, “why let him stay?
He’s really not much fun”
“Hmm,” said Tifa thoughtfully
“He does have that big gun

“Really, Barret’s a good man
Once him you get to know”
Cloud said, “Whatever,” checked his watch
“I guess we’d better go”

The three of them got on the train
To join Wedge, Biggs, and Jess
Barret tried to keep his cool
With limited success

“Damn! This ain’t no private car!
Split up! Avoid the fuzz!”
He said it was no private car
But once he yelled, it was

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