The Jenoviad Entry #23

July 17th, 2009 by Wordsman

Except for one who stayed behind
A Shinra manager
The kind of man that most people
Sarcastically call “Sir”

The poor man muttered, “Sure, my train
Gets boarded by this thug”
Barret rose.  “Do you mean me
You worthless little bug?”

“You’re talking to me?” the man asked
He choked and shook with fear
“‘Course to you,” Barret replied
“There ain’t no one else here”

“Are you surprised?” the man shot back
“Haven’t all of you heard?
Those terrorists will bomb again
On the street that’s the word

“That is why we’re all on edge
From pres’dent down to clerk
Almost everyone I know
Decided to skip work

“So pardon me if I am rude
I’m not feeling quite well”
Said Barret: “Far as I’m concerned
You can go straight to hell

“You’re right.  We . . . I mean, AVALANCHE
Will bomb again today
For killing off the Planet
All you Shinra folks will pay”

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