The Jenoviad Entry #24

July 24th, 2009 by Wordsman

“Calm down,” said Tifa, stepping in
“Don’t bother this poor man
How about we share with Cloud
The basics of our plan?”

“Sure,” the man said, “ignore me
Not like I’m important here
If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back
To cowering in fear”

“Guess we should,” said Barret
As the man went off running
“If we don’t he’ll probably
Blow up the wrong damn thing

“So listen up!” the big man said
“I’ll tell you ‘bout the plan
You see, to check up on the trains
They’ve got this ID scan”

“Ah.”  Cloud nodded.  “Got it now
We blow the scanner, right?”
“That little thing?” scoffed Barret
“That’s not worth my dynamite

“The target’s a reactor core
I’d thought that that was plain
All the scanner thing means is
We jump off of the train”

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  1. Nicolai Says:

    But then from heaven above
    fell the answer to their queries:
    nonviolence, empty of
    their whimsical theories.

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