The Jenoviad Entry #25

July 31st, 2009 by Wordsman

“W-we jump off?” Cloud stuttered
As his voice timid became
Jumping on was one thing
Jumping off was not the same

“In a bit,” said Barret
“Just before the scanner’s run
Now sit down.  Rest up while you can
This explanation’s done”

“Come here,” said Tifa, nudging Cloud
As Barret took a seat
“As long as we’ve got some free time
I’ll show you something neat”

Cloud’s face fell as monitor
Tifa reached out to touch
Why the hell did all the girls
Love that dumb screen so much?

Luckily young Cloud was saved
From map revisiting
Just then all the train’s alarms
Began to flash and ring

“Odd,” said Tifa, froze with shock
“The ID scan’s not yet
Maybe this is something else”
Said Cloud: “You wanna bet?”

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