The Jenoviad Entry #26

August 7th, 2009 by Wordsman

“Alert! Alert!” the speaker blared
“Security Type A!
Unident’fied passengers
Are on this train, I say!

“We’ll now conduct a thorough search”
The speaker once more blared
“What do we do?” Tifa asked
Cloud lied: “I am not scared”

Jessie came back to their car
Her face pale white was hued
Redundantly she blurted out
“We’re screwed! We’re screwed! We’re screwed!”

Barret rose without a sound
And quickly took command
“Calm down!” he said. “Just means we’ll jump
Sooner than we had planned”

“Lockdown!” the speaker announced
“Beginning with Car 1!”
Barret surveyed all his troops
“Well? Run, you bastards! Run!”

They barreled down the aisle
And the door they made it through
Just in time to hear the speaker:
“Now lock down Car 2!”

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