The Jenoviad Entry #27

August 14th, 2009 by Wordsman

On and on they ran and pushed
Their freedom to prolong
Barret started panting
“Who made . . . this damn train . . . so long?”

It would not end; they felt like they’d
Run for a thousand yards
Just when they thought it was done
They ran into the guards

“Wait!  Don’t shoot!” cried Jessie’s voice
“I know this must seem strange”
“Strange?” said Cloud.  “Just how the hell
Did you find time to change?”

“Questions later!” Barret yelled
“I don’t care ‘bout the how
We are all completely dead
If we don’t jump off

“Y-you go first,” suggested Cloud
Who did not like this trend
“I’m the leader,” Barret said
“I stay until the end

“You won’t plummet to your death
This tunnel has a floor”
Then, without another word
He pushed Cloud out the door

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