The Jenoviad Entry #30

September 4th, 2009 by Wordsman

“This is all my fault!” Jess sobbed
“I caused all that train fuss
A change I made to Cloud’s ID’s
What set them on to us”

Cloud sighed, let Tifa console
Barret stifled a groan
All of them were thinking:
“Oh right. Jess. We should have known”

“Sorry,” Jess choked. “This mission
I did not want to blow
See, I—” but Cloud stopped her
“No thanks. I don’t want to know”

Soon they tracked down Wedge and Biggs
Said, “We’ll leave Jess to you”
Maybe not the best choice?
They had better things to do

That problem taken care of
They promptly resumed their route
But when they fin’lly reached the core
Cloud started freaking out

As Cloud fainted, Barret asked
“Man, what’s wrong with this guy?
Is he sick or something?”
Tifa said, “Wish I knew why”

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