The Jenoviad Entry #31

September 11th, 2009 by Wordsman

Cloud was in an old reactor
Filled with an eerie green light
He looked around, thought to himself
“What did I eat last night?”

On the ground a corpse, a sword
A good sword; no, the best
Next to them knelt Tifa
She was . . . like a cowgirl dressed?

“Dad! Oh, Dad!” the young girl cried
Cloud felt an awkward tic
“Great,” he thought. “Just what I need
Another crying chick”

Suddenly she seized the sword
Roared like one’d in a brawl
“Mako! Shinra! SOLDIER!
Sephiroth! I hate them all!”

The dream abruptly ended there
‘Twas quite the cliffhanger
Tifa elbowed Barret
“Look. He’s starting now to stir”

Tifa held up hand, told Cloud
“Count the fingers you see”
Cloud, grinning, inquired
“You were worried about me?”

“Worried? Ha!” the big man scoffed
“You think that I’m your mom?
Now come on, don’t waste no more time
Just go and set the bomb”

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