The Jenoviad Entry #32

September 18th, 2009 by Wordsman

Barret crowed, “This will make sure
That our poor planet lives”
Cloud looked at it, puzzled
“What, no timer?  Hey, what gives?”

“No time for that!” the big man cried
“Let’s quick get out of here
I don’t see any robots
So I think we’re in the clear”

Quickly now they ran back up
They had no need to stay
At the top they came to find
A shut door blocked their way

“Man, that sucks,” complain’ed Cloud
Barret began to swear
“Calm down, guys,” said Tifa
“Push those buttons over there”

“That’s it?” said Cloud.  “Security
Seems really poorly done”
“Not so fast.  They must be hit
In perfect unison”

“Still not bad,” Barret reasoned
Said Tifa, “I agree
We’ll go upon my signal
Are you ready?  One . . . two . . . three!”

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