The Jenoviad Entry #33

September 25th, 2009 by Wordsman

BLIP BLIP BLIP. The buttons beeped
A great cacophony
The fact the door remain’ed shut
Was plain for all to see

“What was that?” yelled Tifa
“Why’d you hit your buttons
Never mind, we’ll try once more”
But they just failed again

“Cloud! Why swing your arm like that?
You doing magic tricks?”
“I can’t help it!” snarled Cloud
“This stupid button sticks!”

“God!” said Tifa. “Never thought
That this would take so long”
“Not my fault!” Barret complained
“You must be counting wrong”

“Should I add more numbers?”
“No!” said Cloud. “Just stick with three
You know that
bomb we planted?
Where’s your sense of urgency?”

“All right!” she said through gritted teeth
“We’ll give this one last try
But if you screw it up again
So help me, I might cry”

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