The Jenoviad Entry #34

October 2nd, 2009 by Wordsman

The buttons dinged, the door flew ope’
Freeing them from their cell
Of that event the three agreed
To never, ever tell

Back outside Cloud yelled with glee
“Man, that sure was a snap!”
To us, of course, it’s obvious
They walked into a trap

Moments later Shinra’s guards
The walkways all did cross
Barret groaned. “That’s what we get
For tryin’ to skip the boss”

A helicopter swooped right down
Inside it was no copper
A fat old man in a red suit
Walked slowly from the chopper

“Who are you?” the big guy asked
“I’m warning you, old man”
Raising his gun, he declared
“You won’t mess up our plan

“You don’t want to fight us
Hell, you look like someone’s dad
I killed a giant scorpion
And . . . these two ain’t that bad”

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