The Jenoviad Entry #36

October 16th, 2009 by Wordsman

Cloud did not want to explode
And end up as debris
“I used to be in SOLDIER
Surely you remember me”

The Prez just laughed at poor Cloud’s plea
“You really must be kidding
You expect me to keep track
Of all who do my bidding?

“And now I must be leaving you
I’ve no more time to spend
A world to rule, a son to raise
A dinner to attend

“Before I go, just one last thing
In case you’d thought to run
I brought a little friend for you
You four enjoy your fun”

Cloud ran toward the chopper
Barret swore. Tifa looked glum
It wasn’t until later
That they heard the om’nous hum

A large robotic soldier
Came in from the walkway’s side
“I call it the Airbuster!”
From the chopper the Prez cried

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