The Jenoviad Entry #38

October 30th, 2009 by Wordsman

The threat removed, they prepared
To return to their abode
Sadly, they forgot one thing
Robots like to explode

The blast took out the walkway
Like an angry giant’s sledge
Cloud found himself clinging
To a crackling, creaking ledge

“Bomb’s still ticking,” Barret said
“We’ve really got to go”
“How could you?” Tifa yelled at him
“Leaving without Cloud? No!”

“Just go,” said Cloud, “‘fore Barret
Has himself some huge conniption
And, for the record, this right here?
Not in the job description”

Tifa cried, “You’d better live!
You I would truly miss”
Cloud was thinking: “If I do
You owe me big for this”

And then Cloud could hold on no more
He yelled this as he fell
“If this is how my story ends
I’ll see you all in Hell!”

End Canto the Second

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