The Jenoviad Entry #39

November 6th, 2009 by Wordsman

Canto the Third: Cloud Wears a Dress, Sector Seven Feels the Press

Darkness was all that Cloud saw
And all he felt was dirt
Voices were all that he heard
And all he knew was hurt

“Now that was an impressive fall”
A mystery voice said
“You can forget about skinned knees
You really should be dead

“I mean, not even Greg Louganis
Could survive that dive”
“Wait,” said Cloud.  “You’re telling me
I’m actu’lly

“’Course you are,” the voice replied
“You are the man: Cloud Strife!
In case you hadn’t noticed
We lead a very charmed life

“And now I think—slowly, gently—
You should get on your feet
The Shinra need stopping, but first
There’s someone you should meet”

“Hang on!  Don’t go!  Who are you?  Please!”
Inside his head Cloud cried
“Don’t worry ‘bout me,” said the voice
“You’re the one who almost died”

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