The Jenoviad Entry #40

November 13th, 2009 by Wordsman

Eyes now ope, Cloud looked around
But not too fast (he’d hurl)
He saw pews (boring), flowers (meh)
And . . . whoa, a pretty girl

“Are you alright?” the girl asked him
“You fell down from the sky
I wonder how it happened
Did you think that you could fly?

“You’re so lucky,” she explained
“The flow’r bed broke your fall”
Cloud, in pain, was not sure that
It really helped at all

“Sorry ‘bout the flowers
On them I’d not want to tread”
Then, since he could not help himself:
“So . . . seems I’m in your bed”

“Oh, they’ll grow back,” she told him
Failed to pick up on the line
This was one time that Cloud would need
A much more overt sign

“Flowers don’t grow in Midgar
At least, that’s what they say
But the sacred garden here
Makes bouquet on bouquet”

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