The Jenoviad Entry #41

November 20th, 2009 by Wordsman

She returned to tending buds
Cloud his two choices weighed
Reunite with AVALANCHE
Or woo the fair young maid?

Cloud decided to stick ‘round
Could not resist that face
Besides, he was not sure he knew
The way to Tifa’s place

“You like flowers?” ask’ed Cloud
“Cuz I’ve got one right here . . .”
Then with a jolt he remembered
He’d made it disappear

“You bought it from me yesterday!”
The naïve girl declared
“We met when that reactor blew
I think that you were scared

“My name’s Aeris,” the girl said
“In case you don’t recall”
Cloud did not; in fact
She had not mentioned it at all

But Cloud recovered quickly
“How could I forget that name?
And I am Cloud, jack-of-all-trades!”
He nobly did proclaim

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