The Jenoviad Entry #43

December 4th, 2009 by Wordsman

“Say Cloud,” the girl said suddenly
“Of all trades you are jack
Would you be int’rested in work
To help me watch my back?”

“Sure,” said Cloud, “but tell me:
What do you need guarding for?”
Aeris shrugged.  “Just ask those guys
Approaching the church door”

Just then the girl was proven right:
In came four ugly mugs
One redhead in a sharp blue suit
Three faceless Shinra thugs

“’Kay,” said Cloud.  “I’ll take the job
But for free I don’t work”
The voice inside his head told him
The redhead was a Turk

“Hmm,” said Aeris, thoughtfully
“What do I have?  Let’s see . . .
I know!  If you take me home
You get a date with me!”

He could not ask for more than that
‘Twas better than a kiss
Cloud drew his sword, approached the men
“Right!  Who wants some o’ this?”

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