The Jenoviad Entry #44

December 11th, 2009 by Wordsman

“Whoa, calm down!” the redhead said
“Man, don’t get so upset
Let’s just not do anything
That we’d later regret

“We just came here for the girl
We’ve got no beef with you
If you sheathe that sword, I swear
Our business will be through”

Cloud was not convinced. “Stay back
Unless you want to die
Why should I trust a word you say?
You filthy Shinra spy!”

“Hey Reno, guess he called your bluff!”
One mirthful soldier cried
Then, by ‘lectric cattle prod
He very promptly died

“We can do this the hard way, too”
Said Reno, eyes a-spark
“But it’s a shame. I oft prefer
To not be quite so dark”

Aeris shrieked. “Don’t fight in here!
The flowers will get wrecked!”
Then she dragged Cloud out the back
Before he could object

Reno followed, through the bed
“Get those two in a cell!
And if you step on one flower
You will catch holy hell”

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