The Jenoviad Entry #45

December 18th, 2009 by Wordsman

The two in flight entered the back
Which was falling apart
“Where do we go from here?” asked Cloud
Said Aeris: “Oh. That part”

“How about that hole?” asked Cloud
Pointing up toward the sky
“Way up there?” asked Aeris
“But, remember, you can’t fly . . .”

Cloud hurried Aeris up the stairs
Approached the second “floor”
But just then Reno and his goons
Burst through the open door

“Duck!” yelled Cloud, who hit the deck
O’er his head shots did sail
Aeris, most unhappily
Put her faith in the rail

Two goons went down after her
“Quick! Catch that Ancient’s spawn!”
Cloud looked around frantically
And a lightbulb clicked on

The goons closed in on the poor girl
“I have you now,” one said
But suddenly he lost his cool;
A barrel hit his head

The men KO’ed, Aeris was free
To back to her friend climb
They jumped out, and Reno said
“There is always next time”

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