The Jenoviad Entry #46

December 25th, 2009 by Wordsman

The pair lay there, upon the roof
Recov’ring from distress
“So, why were those guys after you?”
“Just ‘cuz I’m cute, I guess?”

“No, really,” Cloud said, sitting up
“You have misunderstood
The Turks recruit for SOLDIER”
“Well, maybe I’d be good

“Can we not talk about this now?”
She said as she stood up
“I’d really like to just get home
It’s almost time to sup”

The two dashed off, from roof to roof
‘Til Aeris cried out, “Wait!”
Cloud smirked. “You can’t be in SOLDIER
With that slow of a gait”

“How would you know?” Aeris asked
“Were you in SOLDIER? Huh?”
“Well yeah,” said Cloud. “Where do you think
This giant sword’s from? Duh.”

“Oh yeah,” she said, watching his face
“You’ve got those Mako eyes”
“How do you know about that?”
He asked in great surprise

Aeris became flustered
“Oh, uh . . . that was just a hunch
Now come on, Reno’s chasing us
We’re in a real time crunch!”

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