The Jenoviad Entry #47

January 1st, 2010 by Wordsman

Down from rooftops, through the slums
Which stank of grime and sweat
They passed hovel after hovel
Cloud asked, “Are we there yet?”

Finally they reached a house
With garden, waterfall
“Can this be the slums?” he asked
The place did him enthrall

The girl deigned not to answer
She just went inside, quite calm
“Hello!” she said, and then: “I’m home!
How are you doing, Mom?”

“This is Cloud,” she introduced
“He’s been my bodyguard”
“WHAT?  Now, if I had my way
You’d never leave the yard”

“Oh, Mom!” she said, and then to Cloud:
“She likes to get this way
So!  What do you want to do?
I have no plans today”

Cloud could think of one good thing
But her mom was nearby
“Maybe I should see Tifa
She was worried I’d die”

Aeris looked suspicious
But then she just said, “Okay”
“It is in Sector Seven”
“Oh yeah, sure, I know the way”

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