The Jenoviad Entry #50

January 22nd, 2010 by Wordsman

“Tifa?” Cloud asked puzzledly
As cart from playground tore
“That’s Wall Market,” Aeris said
“Could your friend be a whore?”

Cloud saw lights flashing, smelled the booze
Heard invites to come in
He had entered Midgar’s
Glowing capital of sin

“Tifa went up this way”
He said, following the cart
Wondering what was the scene
In which she would play part

At road’s end, a mansion house
Decked out in Far East style
In the front, a surly guard
Whose heart was full of bile

“Dis place belongs to Corneo
So scram; he don’t like guys”
Cloud wanted to beat him up
But Aeris said, “Disguise”

“What’s the big idea?” asked Cloud
Trying rage to suppress
“Simple,” she said.  “All we need’s
To get you in a dress”

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