The Jenoviad Entry #52

February 5th, 2010 by Wordsman

“What’s up?” said the gym’s manager
A great muscle-bound brute
“Hi,” said Aeris. “This is Cloud
We need to make him cute”

The big man laughed. “You want my wig?
Well, you’re just one of lots
So: thirty seconds, the wig goes
To him with the most squats”

“Is there some other way?” asked Cloud
As she pushed him toward mat
“I have . . . another wig,” said Bro
“But nobody wants . . .

Despite fatigue, Cloud gave his all
Did squats nigh to infinity
Desp’rate he was for any way
To prove his masculinity

“Take it,” said the sweaty Bro
Dropping down on the bench
“But no one’s gonna think you’re cute
‘Til you clean up your stench”

The dress-up game went on and on
Perfume, circlet, makeup
Finally, Cloud reached a point
Where he could not say, “Yup”

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