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February 8th, 2010 by Wordsman

For those of you who weren’t around on Monday, here it is again:  I wrote a novel.  It is a digital novel, titled The World, and it can be found at the Amazon Kindle Store.  The price is six dollars: cheaper than going to a movie and far more entertaining, especially considering the movies that usually come out at this time of year.

Now, I would not ask you to buy a book entirely sight unseen, which is why I have made the introduction and first chapter available to read on this website.  Simply click the button for the “Book” page underneath the banner and start reading.

If you are interested in purchasing the novel, first you will need an account. Then, if you do not own a Kindle, you can download the free Kindle application from the Amazon website for iPod Touch, iPhone, or PC (a link for the PC version is provided below). Then you can go to the Kindle store and buy it (using the other handy-dandy link I provided).

Buy the Book!

Download the free Kindle application for PC

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  1. Gramma F Says:

    Wow!Congratulations! I shall plan to read it. Having read the sample, I shall probably read it as science fiction, since my knowledge of the gaming environment is – NONE.

  2. A Fan Says:

    I’ve started it, and am enjoying it immensely. I’ll have more to say once I’ve finsihed it.

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