The Jenoviad Entry #53

February 12th, 2010 by Wordsman

Aeris held a brazen thong
“But, hmm, will you fit in it?”
Cloud woke as if from a deep trance
“Now wait one goddamned minute!

“The dress and wig, I understand
For the disguise, I’ll bear
But I do not see any point
sexy underwear!

“None would even see it!
Oh, and if they did, I’d run”
“Fine,” said Aeris grumpily
“I was just having fun”

All dressed up, the two, uh, “girls”
Went off to see the Don
Cloud was having quite a time
Walking with high heels on

“Yo, nice rack,” declared the guard
“Wait here.  I’ll get da boss”
Aeris said, “It’s going great!”
For words Cloud was at loss

“We’re in!  We’re in!” Aeris proclaimed
“Am I real smart, or what?”
“Quiet!” said Cloud.  “We’ll get caught
Your mouth you now should shut

“Look for Tifa,” ordered Cloud
“She must be racked with fear”
Aeris found a staircase
“Hmm.  Maybe she’s down here”

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