The Jenoviad Entry #56

March 5th, 2010 by Wordsman

Aeris could not help but grin
And Tifa looked offended
Cloud piped: “Y-you mean this other girl
Yes, that’s what you intended!”

Corneo: “And modest, too!
I’ve got a winner here!
You two, go off with the boys
Call me if you need beer

“We shall away to my boudoir!
It’s okay to say ‘Wow!’”
The room was . . . well, like you’d expect
Thought Cloud: just kill me now

“I’d like to start with role play
I’ll be Stanley, you be Blanche”
Said Cloud: “I’d rather just talk
H-have you heard of AVALANCHE?”

Corneo’s eyes narrowed
“That’s a funny thing to ask
are you the pretty face?
Or do you wear . . . a

The fat man lunged, and snagged Cloud’s dress
It came off, bit by bit
Soon the disguise had disappeared
The Don said, “Holy shit!

“Sweet Jesus!  I was joking!
You . . . you’re actually a guy?”
Cloud savored his freedom
As he rearranged his fly

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