The Jenoviad Entry #57

March 12th, 2010 by Wordsman

Tifa charged in, saw the Don
“Corneo!  Up you’ll fess!”
Aeris followed, looking sad
“Aww, Cloud took off his dress”

“So much for my guards,” he said
“You folks don’t mess around
This is the might of AVALANCHE
The noble underground!”

“What do you know ‘bout us?”
Tifa asked.  “Don’t even twitch!
If you don’t answer, let’s just say
Your voice will rise in pitch”

“Sounds like fun,” the Don replied
But his eyes filled with fear
Aeris failed to understand
“You’re gonna hit his ear?”

The Don said, “I was simply tasked
To find the gun-armed man”
Tifa asked, “Who told you?”
“Heidegger.  It was his plan”

“The Head of Public Safety?”
In her voice, a hint of fret
The man did keep the public “safe”
By crushing ev’ry threat

“I did what he wanted
I helped him his problem fix
Pointed him to Sector Seven
Oh thank God we’re here in Six”

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