The Jenoviad Entry #59

March 26th, 2010 by Wordsman

The three stood up, wiped themselves off
Before the muck could harden
Cloud grumbled, “At least last time
I landed in a garden”

Tifa snarled in disgust
“God damn that bastard Don!”
Aeris said, “It could be worse”
To which Cloud moaned, “Come on!”

A hulking beast came from behind
Unleashed a wave of gunk
Aeris whined, “You wrecked my dress!
You lousy little punk!”

Tifa said, “Forget the dress
Should have prepared to soil it
But where did this thing come from?
Did it get flushed down the toilet?”

“Who cares?” Cloud said, whipped out his sword
“We’ll beat him anyway
I’ve some frustration to unleash
This isn’t my best day”

“Hey Cloud, where did you keep that sword
When you were in a dress?”
“Huh. I never thought ‘bout that
Things just worked out, I guess”

The toilet monster felled with ease
They trudged off through the sewer
The minutes left to Shinra stop
Were ever growing fewer

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