The Jenoviad Entry #????

April 1st, 2010 by Wordsman

“Huh?” said Zell.  “What’s going on?”
“Oh, what now?” muttered Squall
Quistis said, “I’ve no idea
What happened here at all”

“I don’t remember anything”
Said Terra, looking blue
Locke, sarcastic as always
Said, “Gee, that’s nothing new”

“Who are all these ruffians?”
Asked Steiner, ever flustered
“Ah, who cares?” said Amarant
His energy unmustered

Tidus asked, “Are you guys dead?”
“Oh, no.”  “No, we’re quite well”
“Sorry, but where I come from
It’s often hard to tell”

Selphie, Rikku, and Eiko
Did quickly disappear
Everyone else tried real hard
To not so loudly cheer

Cloud wandered into the room
“Uh, guys?  This is my show
The title’s The Jenoviad
In case you didn’t know”

“Oh, great.  Here comes Cloud again”
“This guy hogs all the glory”
“Pardon me,” said Auron, cool
“But this is our story”

“You can wait your turn,” said Cloud
“We’ve not yet hit the mid”
“We’ve not even shown up yet!”
Cried Yuffie, Vincent, Cid

“Seriously,” Tifa moaned
“How short will you us cut?
Aeris hasn’t even died”
Poor Aeris shouted, “WHAT?”

“That may be so,” said Zidane
“But we will wait no more”
Shadow said, “This sitting out
Has made us rather sore

“Fine,” said Barret.  “When I’m through
None of you’ll be upright”
“Oh,” said Irvine, “I don’t know
I-I don’t like to fight”

“Fools,” said Sephiroth, on high
“They really are the worst
None of them has realized
That today is April 1st”

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