The Jenoviad Entry #60

April 2nd, 2010 by Wordsman

They came up through a manhole
But their path was by trains barred
Aeris looked around and said
“This feels like a graveyard”

“We’re in Sector Seven now”
Said Tifa, her voice dire
“Let’s hurry to the pillar, quick!
I think I hear gunfire!”

Tifa said, “Now, in my bar
There is a girl, Marlene . . .”
Aeris understood, for once
“I’ll get her off the scene”

The fighters reached the pillar’s base
Pushed through the gathered crowd
Made their way toward the staircase
The shots were now quite loud

First they found a dying Wedge
Who spoke in a voice hoarse
“Do you . . . remember . . . my name, Cloud?”
Cloud answered, “Bedge, of course”

The trip upstairs was solemn
They had lost Biggs, even Jess
There was no chance for last remarks
They’d no time to digress

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